Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Transforming lives through volunteerism

Zaindriss Foundation started in the mind of one man, he had a vision, a dream of changing lives at a time when he cannot even feed himself. Knowing where he came from, he said to himself one day, "POVERTY TODAY IS THE LAST DAY FOR YOU TO MANHANDLE ME" . He left his village for Freetown where he knows no one expect an uncle his mother has been telling him stories about.

As a young man coming up with a dream. He kept his dream alive and went through so man huddles before Zaindriss was giving birth to. Though he was loved,but in all the love, the betrayal, dishonesty, heartbreak weighed him down to a point he waned to give up, but one faithful day, he sat to himself and began to give live to other people through the little means he could afford then. When the passion started showing up, he started providing food for everyone in his village Mayolla and at some point his wife complemented his dream and ask him to get a foundation in which he will use what ever he has to help the people in his community. \

Zaindriss started with one man and today it has grown to more than 10 people, willing and ready to lay their lives for this CAUSES.  Zaindriss is into:

  • Agriculture
  • Mobile Healthcare
  • Education and 
  • WASH
Without no fund since inception, Ahmed ready to give whatever he has to help save the lives of the people we serve. He VOLUNTEER'S two time a year even though he is the CEO & Founder of the foundation.
November to December and
June to July